First off, Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!  On Monday, I posted some links to great ideas around the web, and just have to add one more to Steph over at Modern Parents, Messy Kids.  If you can’t find a fun way to celebrate today and the man who forever changed reading for children, it wasn’t because you didn’t get enough help!

Secondly, First Friday is right around the corner!  I’m really excited about the questions that have been submitted, and want you to be too, so I’m giving you a little teaser!  So here are a few of the topics I’ll be addressing:

  • Food in Sensory Tables and Art Projects
  • The Letter of the Week Approach
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice
  • Tattle-Telling
  • And More!

I have really loved reading your emails and getting a sneak peek into your lives and the ways you are applying the information here.  If you have more questions (and I hope that you do) keep sending them to and put Q&A in the subject line.  If I can’t fit it into this month’s video, I’ll slide it over to April’s First Friday.

Last of all, I have to give a big “thank you” to Christie Burnett at Childhood 101 for her review of my E-book, Parenting with Positive Guidance.  I love reading Christie’s blog!  It’s crazy to find someone on the other side of the world, and feel like maybe you were cut from the same cloth.  I’m so honored by what she had to say about the book, and would love to accept her invitation for a cozy chat if either one of us ever ventures across the International Date Line!

See you back here for First Friday Q&A!

Top photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert.



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