Fun Facts Regarding the World’s Largest Beetle

We such as huge insects as well as we can not exist. Which is why we like the titan beetle (Titanus giganteus). Right here are some solution to questions concerning the world’s biggest beetle.

Just how big is a titan beetle?
It can grow to be about six as well as a half inches long.

Where do titan beetles live?
They live deep in tropical rain forests in South America, specifically north Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador as well as the Guianas; most titans we see nowadays originate from French Guiana.

Are they unsafe?
These big insects will certainly hiss if threatened, but they’re not hostile. They defend themselves with sharp backs and jaws strong sufficient to break a pencil, damage a plastic leader, or reduce a person’s flesh. So do not tinker the titan!

How do they consume?
Titan larvae eat decaying wood listed below the ground, after that spend simply a couple of weeks as grownups. We don’t know much concerning this specific pest’s biology, yet some comparable beetles don’t eat in their grown-up types.

So a beetle this large might not even consume?
We do not understand for sure, yet one titan grown-up held captive for a couple of weeks was energetic (and would certainly even fly if its atmosphere got hot adequate), however he rejected to eat the fruit and also sugar-water provided to him. Given that, as noted, some adult bugs live totally on calories eaten as larvae, titans might do that too.

Just how do they mate?
When the climate goes to its best as well as most damp, they fly around trying to find companions by complying with the fragrance of pheromones, which are airborne chemical attractants created for mating objectives.

How are they captured?
The majority of male titans are captured at night, brought in by brilliant electrical lights. Females aren’t drawn by such lights, so it’s tough to catch them. Before light capturing was feasible, these beetles were very tough to find. In the 1910s, a titan was located in Brazil inside the stomach of a fish being prepared for dinner!

Are they threatened?
Unfortunately, yes. The titan beetle, like so many animals, is threatened by the fast destruction of its rainforest habitat.

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