I was just sitting down to write a post about making your family your first priority when ironically – or perhaps serendipitously – my oldest son woke soon after going to bed, crying in pain with an earache.  So the laptop quickly closed, and I spent the next few hours curled up with a warm and snuggly six year-old.  Particularly set in the context, it struck me how easily sobs abated simply by putting my attention, and my presence in the right place.

Making family priority #1 seems more clear-cut in these moments of crisis than in the everyday.  Is it more important that I comfort a sick child or write?  The answer there is obvious.  But in our day-in, day-out life, it sometimes becomes more difficult to ensure that our priorities are reflected in our actions.  We become caught up in the “Tyrrany of the Urgent” or commonly suffer from “Intention Deficit Disorder”. 

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Sherri Kruger of Zen Family Habits are all too aware that too often “family is priority#1” turns into something we all say, but struggle to truly live by.  So they’ve created a multimedia boot-camp  for families who need a place to start, who need a little encouragement and inspiration to get back on track to being a more connected, more organized, less stressed, happier and more cohesive unit for the everyday.

This boot-camp is for families of all shapes and sizes who feel they need to push the pause button, regroup, reconnect and create the family and lifestyle they want and deserve. 

With families of their own (Leo with six kids and Sherri with two) as well as plenty of business and personal responsibilities, Sherri and Leo understand that you need real and practical tools that you can fit into your lifestyle quickly and with relative ease. This course delivers practical information, with strategies and techniques each week that you can implement and apply to start improving your life right away.

Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Family Boot-Camp!

(Registration is now open, but ends April 13th, 2011 at midnight so that the training can kick off the very next day.)

So how about you?  What do you do to ensure that your family is your first priority?

Is it in the memorable events or the everyday?  Is it about formal family dinners or living room wrestling matches?  Do you build it into your routines and your long-term goals?  Please share what you’ve learned about going past lip-service and into reality and making family your top priority.  Because when it comes to fostering whole child development, there are few things that matter more than a strong and healthy family life.

Top photo by Vivian Chen.



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