From Selfie to #Safie: It Just Takes a Couple Of Minutes to Conserve Youngsters’ Lives

Are you tired of every person posting selfies? Try a #safie instead. You can help save a kid’s life.What’s a #safie? A #safie is like a selfie, yet you stand up a message concerning the importance of worldwide roadway security for children– and aid get the message out regarding the Third United Nations Global Roadway Security Week, May 4-10, 2015, which is concentrated on improving roadway safety for youngsters all over the globe.

How crucial is this issue? Well, fatalities on our roadways are a genuine wellness epidemic that’s presently being forgotten. Currently, more than 500 kids die on a daily basis in web traffic crashes. As well as by the year 2030, even more people around the globe will pass away on our roads than from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, or jungle fever. We need policymakers to comprehend just how major the trouble is– and also take solid action.Safe Children Worldwide is joining Global Road Safety Week and also striving to make certain that the voices of youngsters, moms and dads and also instructors will be heard. You can join this project to #SaveKidsLives by taking a few small actions to make a large distinction: First, you can REVIEW the Kid Statement for Road Safety. Youngsters from

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