For an enjoyable rhyming activity with your young children, develop a Rhyme-A-Saurus! This dinosaur is not a meat-eater or a plant-eater, he eats rhymes!

Making use of a set of rhyming cards (you can find ones belowor acquire an evaluated a mentor supply shop) give your kids one card each, as well as maintain the poetry pair yourself. Clarify that this dinosaur is a rhyme-eater and loves rhyme sandwiches. Ask to aid you make a sandwich by putting two rhyming words with each other as well as feeding them to the dinosaur!

One by one, program and also state one of your rhyming words as well as welcome the child with the rhyming set to put both words in the dinosaurs mouth. Obviously, this task is improved by ferocious consuming sounds, and burps are constantly a preferred!

The dinosaur is made by drawing a dinosaur face on tag board or cardboard, coloring, and also reducing a port in the mouth. I made use of the T. Rex on the cover of Difficulty at the Dinosaur Coffee shop for my inspiration. (Use this task combined with that tale for a fantastic book task!) You may select a much less relentless looking sampling. If you’re not comfy free-handing, use a photo copier or an overhead projector to transfer a bigger image from a publication.

This activity improves language skills, and also poetry abilities in particular. Rhyming skills belong of phonemic understanding, a substantial predictor as well as forerunner for reading success!

Click on this link for more dinosaur ideas!

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