Weird Scientific Research: The Accidental Invention of Ridiculous Putty

Ridiculous Putty was designed by mishap. Throughout The Second World War, engineer James Wright was helping the U.S. War Manufacturing Board, attempting to produce a low-cost replacement for synthetic rubber at a General Electric lab in Connecticut. When he dropped boric acid into silicone oil, he got a material that was stretchier and bouncier than rubber, with an unusual included function: When you squashed it versus a newspaper or comic-book web page, it got a perfect copy of the print it touched.

Cool though that was, Wright’s exploration became no far better than the artificial rubber that currently existed. The government didn’t desire his “nutty putty,” however a couple of years later on, businessman Peter Hodgson discovered what a hit the stuff was at a party. He renamed it “Silly Putty” and marketed it as a toy, packaging it in vibrant plastic eggs because he placed it out around Easter time.

Silly Putty become one of the 20th century’s most popular toys … and afterwards people began generating sensible usages for it, like grabbing dust as well as lint, and also arguing an unsteady leg to make a table extra steady. Astronauts on the Beauty 8 moon mission even used the goo to keep their tools safeguard in absolutely no gravity!

Although Ridiculous Putty is really elastic, it additionally damages easily and also, oddly enough, also shatters if struck with enough pressure. In 1989, a college student at Alfred College in New York state dropped a 100-pound ball of Ridiculous Putty from the roofing system of a school building to see what would take place: Would certainly it bounce, break, or just become a large pancake? The massive ball dropped, bounced concerning 8 feet into the air, and afterwards ruined when it struck the ground the second time!

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