Nine Truths About Migaloo, Australia’s White Whale

A popular sight off Australia’s east shore, Migaloo is the world’s very first recorded all-white humpback whale. Indigenous elders offered him the name, which indicates “white fella” in their language. Right here are some realities about this popular pale whale.

1. Migaloo has actually been seen greater than 50 times since his first recorded look in 1991 near Cairns, Australia.

2. The 46-foot-long creature is thought to be about 26 to 28 years old currently. Life span for humpbacks has to do with 50 years.

3. We know he’s a he for 2 reasons: he sings like a male, and due to the fact that after among his several popular violations, researchers ran in to accumulate dead skin cells he would certainly dismissed. The DNA verified his gender.

4. In September 2011, an all-white humpback whale calf appeared with a generally pigmented mommy. The little light cetacean might be Migaloo’s children, so it has been called MJ or Migaloo Jr.

5. Is Migaloo albino? No one knows for sure, so he’s referred to as hypo-pigmented, indicating he has really low pigment.

6. Other primarily white humpbacks have actually been spotted; Willow lives in the Arctic, as well as Bahloo lives near Migaloo, however both have a few black spots, so Migaloo and MJ are the only all-white whales known until now.

7. Australian whale-watching regulations call for boats to stay around 1,000 feet from all humpbacks, yet an unique law requires boat to remain at the very least 1,600 feet far from Migaloo.

8. Due to the fact that he’s so identifiable, Migaloo has assisted researchers better understand whale migrations off the Australian coastline. His entire migration up from Antarctic waters to the Fantastic Barrier Reef is practically 7,500 miles.

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