It’s time for me to turn off for the year! Though I’ll be doing some behind the scenes work, this is my last post until after the New Year! I’m looking forward to a little Christmas Trip time with my family members and also wish you have exciting plans for this season also!

After all the fun and also merrymaking, I do hope you’ll pop back in January! I’m extremely, really excited about the plans I have for 2014, and also I wish you’ll be a big component of those strategies!

Thank you a lot for belonging of this community.In counting all my many blessings this year, I most definitely count you amongst them!

I wish you have actually had the Happiest of Hanukkahs, are expecting the Merriest of Christmases, and also await all the Best in the New Year!

In between

now as well as the very first message of 2014, below are some Weekend Reads to take pleasure in:


How to Ensure You Don’t Mess Up the “Is Santa Real” Conversation Let’s Lasso the Moon

” The tone of this delighted as well as truthful response will likely take your youngster by surprise. It aids get rid of any humiliation they may feel as well as turn it into stiring up pride for finding out this larger-than-life trick that everybody however them seemed to be “know.” It rapidly flips their frustration with you or the situation overall on its head as well as channels the amusing sensation in their belly into a minute of recognition for the renowned milestone that just happened.”

The Present that Issues Hands Cost-free Mother

” As I check out the dear lady’s note, my concept of a “proper gift” flew right gone. And also I began looking at my little girl’s gift offering exercise with wonder as opposed to humiliation.”

Rachel’s outstanding publication will be released soon after the brand-new year! You can preorder a duplicate at Amazon with this associate web link today:

Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the Order Of Business, and Releasing Perfection to Understand What Actually Issues!

5 Easy Ways to Locate the Spirit of the Season with Children

If you have a deep belief and also keep the rituals of your spiritual custom, then you’ve possibly given a lot of believed to your youngster’s spiritual advancement as well as have your vacation religious strategies all drawn up. If, on the other hand, you question how to put what you think into words as well as aren’t certain what spiritual beliefs you want to hand down to your youngsters, this article is for you.” (I assume there are fantastic recommendations here for both camps!)

It’s Intended to Be Difficult Steady Mom

This is a releasing realization I have actually had as well:

” At the core of my evaluation was the assumption that difficult has to mean I’m doing glitch. Yet what if that is completely false? Suppose tough in fact means you are doing something right? Rather than this being a gloomy awareness, I have actually discovered it completely freeing. Ultimately I can look at the problems that have troubled me and also claim “it’s all right that it’s hard.”


Soothing Chamomile Melting Dough Plant Sprout Play

Unique appearance, special scent– this is a sensory treat to ensure!

Easy No Stitch Felt Xmas Cookies Sugar Aunts

This is a straightforward activity that kids will like. Include your very own spin on this standard activity. It makes sure to maintain youngsters playing and also making believe!

Make your house Odor Like Xmas

10+ Activities for Beating Cabin Fever

OK, I ripped off and also included among my very own! Yet if you’re searching for something enjoyable to do right now, I packed this message filled with simple tasks for days when you can not (or just don’t wish to) go anywhere! * Remaining in your pyjamas is highly urged!

Enjoy the vacations! I’ll see you in 2014!


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