Two great questions this month: How to use positive guidance without being permissive, and how to talk with administrators about standardized testing in KINDERGARTEN.  (You can also view this video here.) 

Positive Guidance: Punishment or Consequences?

Roots and Wings: Giving Choices and Setting Boundaries

Time as a Natural and Logical Consequence

Panel Discussion: Rewards, Positive Reinforcement, or Just Plain Bribery?

Standardized Assessment in Kindergarten? (5:45)

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in the Age of Testing{Harvard Education Letter}

Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation {NAEYC}

Joint Position Statement, NAEYC & NAECS/SDE

Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School {Alliance for Childhood}

Kindergarten Testing is Out of Control{EmaxHealth} (This contains some great quotes from Alliance for Childhood and NAEYC.)

Standardized Testing and Its Victims {Education Week}  (Alfie Kohn can be a polarizing source, but I think he makes great points here and you could use them as some of your talking points, particularly numbers 5 and 7 in your specific situation.)

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