Meet the Hippocampus, Where Memories Go to Make Sense

Your brain kinds, arranges, and also shops memories in the hippocampus. This tiny body organ assists you create lasting memories, attach memories to other memories, as well as link memories to feelings as well as senses. When you scent cookies and also consider your grandma– or possibly the shopping center– that’s the hippocampus at the office.

The name comes from the Greek words for seahorse, because the organ is formed type of like one (hippo indicates steed and kampos suggests sea). The organ includes two components: one on the ideal side of your mind as well as one left wing. It rests near the amygdala as well as the pineal gland, inside the temporal wattle.

The hippocampus assists you browse, orient yourself in space, and also type psychological reactions. In people that experience Alzheimer’s Condition, it’s among the first components of the brain to become harmed, which clarifies why these folks have a hard time bearing in mind points and also may get shed easily.

It can also be damaged by oxygen deprivation, infection, swelling caused by epilepsy, and stress and anxiety. Someone with a damaged hippocampus may be able to keep in mind brand-new things but not remember older memories.In some cases, a harmed hippocampus can even block development of brand-new memories. Due to the fact that the hippocampus is really sensitive to anxiety, experiencing high degrees of stress and anxiety for a long time can bring about diminishing of this important body organ.

Yet researches show that a damaged hippocampus does not stop a person from learning brand-new abilities, to ensure that feature is probably controlled by various other locations of the mind. The fact is that the brain is still very strange, so while we may know a whole lot regarding it, we do not yet also recognize just how much we do not recognize.

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