International Roadway Safety And Security Week was from May 4-10, 2015. Safe Kids Worldwide took part in the UN #SaveKidsLives project, which included delivering the Youngster Declaration on Road Safety and security to plan manufacturers. We got the assistance of our neighborhood unions to get trademarks for the Statement. One coalition went above and beyond, adding an outstanding 4,000 trademarks to the Youngster Affirmation. Kim Karpovich of Safe Children Union Region, NC won our domestic contest for the most trademarks. It is such a remarkable success, and we’re so happy with the job Kim as well as her team has actually done. We asked Kim to create a quick blog on just how they got the word out concerning roadway safety and security.

— Kristin Rosenthal, Program Supervisor, U.S. Pedestrian & Bike Safety And Security

Every day, more than 500 kids are killed in a roadway web traffic accident, and 10s of thousands are wounded. Worldwide Roadway Security is important, as well as we need to work together to make roadways more secure for children.

As component of the #SaveKidsLives project, Safe Children Union Region joined together with our community companions, including Fire Departments, Local Law Enforcement, Union County Health Division, Carolinas HealthCare System Union, as well as neighborhood officials to increase recognition as well as maintain children secure on the road. Together, we shared the Kid Statement to instruct youngsters about the relevance of roadway safety and security and also exactly how to remain secure on our roadways.

In collaboration with the Union Area Public Schools, we established a “Safie” station for the youngsters arriving at college in the early morning. We had each youngster create a message utilizing the “Safie” signboard and also take pictures to post on Facebook. We additionally hung the Scholastic posters in college hallways and class. We reached 2 primary schools and two intermediate schools where the statement read over the loud speaker. Each instructor would certainly review the Scholastic lesson strategy in class and respond to any kind of inquiries the trainees had about the declaration. We after that had pupils authorize the Kid Affirmation. Furthermore, we had two neighborhood occasions with local entrepreneur as well as children where we spoke about the threats of driving while distracted.In total, we accumulated almost 4,000 signatures for #SaveKidsLives. As component of our project, we distributed Bell bike helmets and FedEx reflectors to youngsters in need in Union County.Global Road Safety and security is something that every person requires to join together to aid protect our kids when traveling. With each other, we can make a difference in the lives of children all over the world.

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