How to get Students Writing about the U.S. Election with FANschool

<!– How to get Students Writing about the U.S. Election with FANschool –>


Do your students wonder why the Electoral College is used to elect the President of the United States? Is there a better way? The U.S. presidential election season is a perfect time to get students writing about how government affects our daily life.

FANschool—a learning platform with “fantasy sports” style games for school content and current events—helps gets students engaged.

In their most recent challenge, FANschool encourages students to vote for and predict the next U.S. President:

Picture a March Madness-like prediction contest for the Electoral College where students can vote for and predict who they think will become President. The U.S. prediction map is divided into “solid states,” “leaning states,” and “battleground states” and includes links to fundraising, third parties, and local ballots so that students can also compete for civic competence.

Once students complete their predictions, they can submit their map to a giant, national contest to see who can out-learn their classmates across the country and compete for a $1,000 cash prize.

In addition to the predictions competition, students have the opportunity to utilize essential questions (like these) and publish what they learn in for a chance at the MVP (Most Valuable Publisher) title and another $1000 prize.

See the official rules as well as helpful election resources here. For questions or support, email or submit your request here.

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