The Silly Things Kids Say and Getting Started with Sensory Play

I’m sharing some ideas at two different spots this week.  First, I’m over at Simple Kids, talking about what we learn about child development from the silly things kids say.  Here’s a little taste:

I love listening to my three year-old talk.  He has a way of making the most common words sound delectably darling.  He asks if we can look something up on my “compweeter”.  He comments on our secret “packageway” when we take a new route home from his brothers’ school.  And my heart absolutely melts when I hear him half shout, half sing, “Lemolade!” while peddling summer’s favorite drink with his big brothers.

I’m not the only mother who revels in the mispronunciations commonly found in our preschoolers’ lingo.  When I shared some of my favorite boyhood bumbles on Facebook, loads of parents joined in, sharing examples like “soupcase” for suitcase and “ice cream” instead of sunscreen, that kept me chuckling for days.

As much as I would agree that these misnomers are endearing and cute, they also provide a window to the rapid pace of language and cognitive development in our little ones.

Read on at the full post here.

Getting Started with Sensory Play

I’m also over at The Organized Parent with tips about how to get started with sensory play.  From why sensory play is important, to fun media to try out, and ideas for storing it all.  Check out the post here and get some new ideas you can dive into hands first.

So, as you can see, it’s been a busy week here!  Hopefully it’s been a great week for you!



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