Three great questions for this month’s Q&A!  I really think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to these scenarios, and hopefully add what they’ve learned to the comments below!

Pressure to “Teach” Letters and Numbers (0:20-8:04)

Why Don’t You Teach Reading? A Look at Emergent Literacy (Links to a series of posts.) {NJC}

Assessment Types to Consider:

Work Samples/Photos/Portfolios

Observation & Anecdotal Notes

Planned and Playful Assessments One-on-One or in Small Groups

What other assessment types have you found to be useful?

Check out this FANTASTIC book! Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook By Fountas & Pinnell

Preschool Math {NJC} (My breakdown of preschool math objectives.)

And this book by the same name that is chuck-full of great explanations and useful ideas:
Preschool Math By Robert Williams, Joy Lubaway, & Deborah Cunningham

Potty-Training Regression (8:04-11:55)

Remember, potty-training is about autonomy and learning to recognize a person’s own cues.  Being overly controlling about it can backfire.

I hesitate to use a chart for a skill he’s already mastered, but if you feel you need to use one, I like the details outlined by Christie at Childhood 101 in this discussion.

It will likely right itself with time, gentle reminders (not pushing, forcing, or nagging), and a respectful response.  If it persists, it may also be worth checking with his pediatrician to see if there are any other physical reasons he may be struggling.

Getting Imaginative Kids to Comply (11:55-15:00)

A Child’s Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play By Vivian Paley (As well as her other books!)

Magic Words for Guiding Behavior: Let’s Pretend {NJC}  (This concept is also incorporated into my ebook, Parenting with Positive Guidance.)

 Daily Rhythm and Routines: The Flow of the Day {Simple Kids}

Kids Not Listening?  Four Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Them to Tune In {NJC}

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