Diaper Man: A Hands-Free Bag for a Hands-On Father (or Mom!).

You’ve possibly observed that I turn up at a couple of various other writing venues in addition to right here at Not Simply Adorable. One of those is over at The Organized Moms and dad. With the arrival of our sweet little child, the people over at The Organized Parent were kind enough to send over one of their wonderful baby diaper bags. They have a terrific collection of bags spanning the entire range of diaper bag designs, but this set from Baby diaper Dudes was the perfect bag for us.

Though this bag is absolutely my style, it was actually produced by a papa for daddies who were tired of lugging about their wives’ “cute” bags. Papas like my husband, who’s more than pleased to go after the kids and also transform the baby diapers, simply do not make him lug a flowery bag!

.?.!! In fact, early in our marriage, I commented on just how adorable a good friend’s baby diaper bag was. My husband secretly whispered, “Yeah, however do not anticipate ME to bring around a baby diaper bag like that!. ?.!!” That’s when I realized that if you desire your hubs to take the child, you much better have a diaper bag he’ll take also. For some that suggests they go with 2 bags to fit the his and her style, but lucky for us, I’m type of a no-frills gal, so the streamlined, sporty appearance fits my mother style too.

As even more dads are taking a hands-on duty with the kiddos, brand names like Diaper Dudes have actually emerged, making baby-gear that’s practical as well as dad-friendly. Actually, from what I have actually reviewed, fathers like Brad Pitt and Patrick Dempsey have actually sported the dad-gear trend, which is excellent information since my spouse is so fashion-conscious like that (or not– which is probably why I needed to convince him to do away with the 15 year-old golf shirt in his collection when we obtained married).

So just how regarding a tour of the bag.

I like that there are so many pockets on the outside of the bag. So rather than messing up thoughtlessly with the inside pockets, you can swiftly access anything you need without also setting the bag down. Hands-free. I can utilize more of that considering my two hands have 4 young boys to stay up to date with. Below’s how I’ve been packing my bag with my newborn in tow:

In the front pockets I have actually stowed away diapers, wipes (whole lots as well as lots of wipes– there are three huge young boys around obtaining dirty also), and additional clothes and binkies.


this side you can see where I stash my stylin’ circa 2001 mobile phone, my baby sling, the hand sanitizer, as well as this brilliant vital clip. You can affix your secrets and afterwards slide them right into a little pocket by the strap. Prepared for the tricks– simply draw them out by the clip. This easy function was made for me. I’m infamous for “losing” my tricks inside my very own bags. Actually, I left my car parked on campus for a number of days back in college due to the fact that I lost my keys … which remained in my backpack during. Yeah, the very same one I was bring around for 3 days looking for my keys. Humiliating. Yet I swerve. With all the essentials secured and also filled, you ‘d barely think you need the within pouch. But that’s where they have this convenient diaper altering pad in its own little sleeve. I have actually additionally thrown in a burp towel and my “wallet”– a FranklinCovey planner I have actually had for ten years (since I’m just that kind of a girl). Those of you with apples iphone, iPads, Kindles and also other fun devices will enjoy to know that there are plenty of excellent pockets for those also.

So I can obtain whatever I require in this streamlined carrier style bag as well as there are still pockets and also rooms I have not even made use of. Having this bag packed and also prepared to get and also go is just one of the factors I handle to really leave your home these days (and just running 15 minutes late rather than 30).

Best of all though, I can hand this bag– and the child– off to my partner without getting an awkward look back from him about either one.

From currently till July 15, The Organized Parent is supplying 15% off of any one of their Baby diaper Dudes diaper bags, simply for visitors of Not Simply Adorable. All you need to do is enter the discount code 21511 at checkout.Enjoy!

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