I don’t think I’ve met a child yet who isn’t intrigued by a little sparkle.  And as they see it, there is no such thing as “too much”.  Switch up your playdough routine a bit by adding glitter.  It’s about as simple as it sounds.  Start with a new or old batch of the Classic Playdough Recipe, and knead in some glitter.  (I like to use iridescent craft glitter, just because it’s so versatile.)  If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even have the children help you work in the sparkle.  Shake a bit onto their pile of dough and have them roll it in or show them how to knead.  (Keep tabs on your bottle of glitter though, or you’ll find a mountain of it on someone’s  tray.) 

Working with playdough not only invites creativity, but it builds fine motor strength.  The sensory experience can also be useful for soothing a restless or upset child.  (Kneading in particular is great for working out frustration and stress – for teachers and parents too!)  So bust out your craft glitter and turn your last batch of playdough into something new again!



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