After seeing an erosion table at a close-by gallery, I decided to implement the exact same principle on a much smaller sized range in my sensory table. There are three important components below: sand (you can buy a huge bag for a little cash in the house Depot), water filled spray containers, as well as dinosaur figures. After putting the sand in the sensory table, add the dinosaurs as well as blend well. You desire some to be hidden, some to rest on top, and also a few someplace in between. Offer spray bottles filled with water so that the youngsters can spray water to wear down the sand and uncover the dinosaurs. Certainly, they will certainly include some remarkable play as they develop storylines including storms, floods, or dinosaurs entraped in mire.

This sort of activity provides youngsters that time-honored sensory experience of blending sand and also water. That could be factor alone for doing this activity, but there’s even more! Making use of spray bottles takes a terrific level of fine motor strength and also control, as well as hand-eye coordination for maintaining purpose while shooting! Science as well as language skills enter into play as the children notification and talk about the impacts of the water on the sand; not just that it transforms the appearance as well as consistency of the sand heap, however that the sand can be relocated by the force of water. This can also bring about discussions regarding the idea of disintegration, or regarding how dinosaur fossils and remains are found as earth is moved, perhaps by disintegration, revealing the prehistoric prizes!

When your little paleontologists are done at the sensory table, remove and cleanse the dinosaurs, drain the water from the sand, and also leave it out to dry (ideally thinned out on a number of trays) to make sure that you can save your completely dry sand and also recycle it later!

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