Kidblog: Designed for schools and districts

<!– Kidblog: Designed for schools and districts


Setting the stage

“Students here is your digital device, and here are your logins and passwords. Be careful.”

“Teachers, you may choose from hundreds of online tools to incorporate in the classroom. Choose wisely.”

With more agency for teachers and students than ever before, how are administrators guiding their schools through the technology revolution?

It starts with administrative leadership and a cohesive experience for students, teachers, parents, and schools. Kidblog’s Admin Pro Membership is built for you.


Management and moderation matter

Multiple levels of hierarchy provide visibility at the right level for the right users. “Super-Admins” have broad access to the entire organization. Building-level admins (e.g. principals) supervise their school. Teachers have control over their students’ classroom publishing activity. 

Stay informed with a variety of reports that demonstrate students’ publishing progress throughout the school year:

Admin Reports


Cultivating connections

Your Admin Pro membership is an umbrella for all grade levels and schools in your organization. Teachers can connect their classes within the organization, or build penpal relationships outside the school, facilitating multi-class collaboration. Students have a much wider audience to read, relate to, and comment on their work. A widened authentic audience has been proven to increase students’ motivation to write, which drives improvement and creates a safe space to share their voices. 


Portfolio prowess

Your Kidblog membership represents the gold standard in digital portfolios. There are no gaps in your students’ publishing history. This uninterrupted journey is vital to accurately depict growth throughout the year and across grade levels. Teachers can use portfolios to glimpse into incoming students’ writing to assist in their initial writing instruction efforts.

digital portfolio

Consistent results

How valuable is consistency? Kidblog is designed to stay with a student throughout their education journey. As they learn and grow, students become blogging experts as they continue to build on their skills as authors. Over time, they create a body of work clearly displaying their unique perspective through integration with other apps, visual customization, and multimodal posting. Parents can follow their children’s journey on Kidblog year-over-year & class-over-class in a centralized location.  Portfolios remain available to students after graduation.


Rostering ROI

Kidblog’s rostering feature helps teachers avoid the time-consuming process of manually adding students to their classes. A school or district can quickly complete bulk uploads to set up teachers, students, and class sections on Kidblog. Each membership is customized for the ideal start date, size, and length. Volume discounts are available for schools and districts. 


Administrator accolades

“Using the Admin Pro membership of Kidblog has provided our district, our teachers, and ultimately our students a secure platform to blog, but more importantly, connect with other students throughout the world safely and securely. We are able to easily connect with other classes within the district as well as outside the district and share to whichever authentic audience the teacher chooses. The decision to invest in the Admin Pro version of Kidblog has been tremendously beneficial for our students across the district!”

Brent Catlett
Director of Technology
Independence School District


“One of the benefits of publishing on Kidblog was that it allowed students to share their work among three different campus sites.  So, even though students never met in person, they were able to give and receive comments from peers doing the same project and who were part of the same program. This proved to be inspirational as well as enjoyable, as they loved reading comments from their peers! “

Mary Hoch
Director The Reading Center
National Louis University in Chicago


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