I consider January 1st as the birthday of this blog.  I’d been writing for a while before, but it was at this time last year that Karen at PreKinders listed me in her Top Ten Blogs for 2010.  It was then that I began to have an audience, and it was then that I felt this blog really began.  So, in gratitude for Karen’s gesture, I’m listing some of my favorite preschool blogs here as well.  (In addition to PreKinders.com, of course!)

Here are some of the preschool resources I recommend to the teachers I consult with:

Teach Preschool:  This is a great resource!  I often tell teachers I train that it would be worth getting a twitter account just to follow Deborah!  She links to all kinds of activities all over the blogosphere.  It’s like having a teacher share meeting every day!

Irresistable Ideas for Playbased Learning:  The name says it all!  It’s one of my favorites for go-to, open-ended, creative, play-based ideas. 

Frugal Family Fun Blog:  Once again, the name had me at hello.  These activities use common supplies that are easy to find and inexpensive to buy.  In fact, many of them may already be in your supply closet.  Fun creative activities!

Laugh Paint Create:   I love that this blog is written by an art specialist.  So the activities are not only fun and creative, but they teach art concepts to ensure the activities are more than just cute!

Nurture Store:   This is another great play-based blog.  Based on whole child education principles, this blog is a great resource!

Pink and Green Mama:   This is a fun resource especially for arts and craftsy activities.

Serving Pink Lemonade: Two sisters living a country apart who come together in the blogosphere to share ideas for fun and learning with their kids.

Activity Mom:   A passionate teacher who, as a mom, is taking a break from her career but not from teaching.  Always plenty of great ideas for…activities, of course. 

Teach Mama:  Love those teaching moms!  This site is a great resource for older children as well!

Artful Parent:  I love all the open-ended art ideas you can find here!

Teacher Tom: This was Edublog’s 2010 Best Teacher Blog, and for good reason.  Teacher Tom is passionate about what he does, and it shows.  And not just in his work and his writing…..When was the last time you saw a grown man who was enthusiastic enough about kids and teaching to don a dashing superhero costume?

No Time for Flashcards:  Another mommy with a strong teaching background, sharing her passion for early childhood education and fun, creative, experiential activities you can implement in your classroom or at your kitchen table.

There are so many amazing blogs out there, and I’m always discovering new favorites!  What favorites would you add to the list?

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