I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…

If you haven’t already surmised from my paucity of posts, things have been a little busy around here.  First we were adjusting to the new normal with our newest bouncing bundle of boy, then the adjustment of back to school routines, add on my online course and other teaching engagements, as well as a litany of tiny to-dos that continue to carry over week to week.  It’s been a little overwhelming.

I find that when I begin to feel overwhelmed, the best thing I can do is to scale back and take a deep breath.  I’m planning to get back into the rhythm next week with my regular posting schedule, but in the meantime, I have some good friends who have been sharing some of my work in some wonderful compilations they’ve put together.

So today, before I jump into the upcoming new posts I’m working on I wanted to share their outstanding posts with you!


(Did you sing that heading in your mind, like I did?)

I’ve mentioned many times before that creating traditions, building relationships, and providing memorable scenes are extremely valuable when it comes to the development of whole, healthy, happy children.  It’s these “soft” activities that foster the emotional health, social sense of place, and family attachment that prepare the child for all other developmental goals.

My friend Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids shared an amazing list of Halloween Traditions, including a favorite from our house — Home-Brewed Root Beer.  Hop on over to MPMK to get some ideas for your own memorable scene!

Positive Does Not Equal Passive

Janet Lansbury at Elevating Childcare has touched on what I feel is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to positive parenting.  In her post, Respectful Parenting is Not Passive Parenting, she explains that parenting with a positive, respectful still requires a healthy dose of limit-setting and boundaries.  Just as children need to be allowed to make choices, they also need the security of boundaries.

Janet shares her experiences, as well as a list of helpful links (including one of mine!) to further illuminate the difference between positivity and passivity.  She also shares many quotes from her mentor, Magda Gerber, to whose work I have Janet to thank for introducing me.  One of my favorite quotes from the post:

A positive goal to strive for when disciplining would be to raise children we not only love, but in whose company we love being.

It’s a parenting mantra I love and hope to continue to use.

Life’s been busy around here, but it’s also been really, really good.  I am blessed.  With home, with family, and with friends — both those within reach, and those just a URL away!



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