At The Organized Parent: Remembering the “Perfectly Ordinary Days”

Perhaps there’s something about this time of year that’s causing me to be a bit more sentimental.  Or maybe it’s simply a job hazard of motherhood.  Last week I wrote this post after attending Peter Pan with my son.  This week, I’m sharing my thoughts about treasuring childhood over at The Organized Parent.  Here’s a taste:

Every time I zip my two year-old into the same jacket I swear my seven year-old was wearing two seconds ago, I am struck by how quickly my boys are growing up.  I stop and look at how much they’ve changed.  I think of the skills they’ve mastered, the fears they’ve overcome, and the challenges yet to be conquered.  I get a little nostalgic.

It isn’t that I actually want to go backward, but I don’t want to rush through it either.  Sometimes, I just want to press pause and fully enjoy where we are right now.  Every single day.

I finally picked up a book a friend of mine has been recommending for years.  The Gift of an Ordinary Day, by Katrina Kenison, is a beautiful reminder to stop wishing away the mundane and find the joy and power in the everyday, ordinary, and ultimately magical moments of childhood and parenthood.  (You can get a taste of the book from the author’s reading here.  You might want to grab some tissues before you click.)

A passage from the book comes to my mind over and over again, reminding me to keep things in perspective:

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