While we’re on the topic of clean up time, I thought I’d mention that I use Laurie Berkner’s song, “Clean It Up” as my clean up music.  (You can find it at iTunes for just a dollar.  Though if you can get out of iTunes having only spent one dollar, my hat’s off to you!)  I give kiddos a five minute reminder before clean up time, then after five minutes I turn this sing on repeat until the task is done.  The trumpets at the beginning are great for getting everyone’s attention, and the song is fun and child-friendly without being hokey.  (That’s a trademark quality of Laurie Berkner’s music.  It’s kid appropriate, active, fun, and full of awesome musical elements and different genres-not watered down monotony.  I’m obviously a big fan.)  Sometimes, as we’re getting close to finished, I challenge the children to see if we can be done before the song is over.  They’re usually up for the race.  Music is great for signalling routine transition times such as this.  If the ‘Everybody Everywhere’ version of a clean up song is working for you, stick with it.  If you’re ready for a change, and maybe a little more musical styling, check this one out!

Photo courtesy frecuencia.



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