My Very First Podcast: Readying Children for Back to College

I’m so ecstatic to be featured today on Mandi Ehman’s podcast series at Organizing Your Method!.?. !! She has a great website as well as some exciting things showing up in the future. I’m flattered to be related to her! Today, we’re speaking about getting youngsters ready for “Back to Institution”, particularly focusing on mentally and also socially preparing kids for that big day! Go here to get all the details for the download!

Simply for a little “behind the scenes” information on this podcast, I need to share an amusing story. I had invested an excellent piece of that early morning on the phone with a person in India who kindly instructed me as I fiddled about with the innards of my computer to obtain it up and running once more (a blogger with a busted computer= tension). Then I had three extra relatives over to have fun with my children, making it six under 6 for a few hours. As the arranged call came close to, I was finally really feeling a little more Zen, till with about one minute to “go time” I jabbed my head in to where my youngsters were playing, believing I would quickly allow them understand that their aunt was here which I would certainly be busy for a few mins. What I found was my four year old — plain naked! He was apparently in the process of altering his garments … in sluggish movement … and also delayed. All I had time for was to check out my sister-in-law and claim, “Sorry!” So if you hear a little tired out craze in my voice, just chuckle to yourself and also consider my insane day!

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