This Holiday: “The Force” to Stop Drunk Driving

When a person switches on the ignition of a car while under the influence of alcohol, everybody go to threat. That is especially true for youngsters who are along for the trip in a guest seat, as well as others that share the roads with drivers.As we drive from celebration to celebration this holiday season, what does this mean for a parent or various other driver? Have a look at this brand-new public service announcement from the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA), “The Man in the Mirror”. In a vibrant method, it reminds us all that prior to we get behind the wheel we require to ask ourselves: Have I had excessive to consume? Should I be driving? Am I putting others at risk, consisting of the tiny ones that have no say in the issue? We require to look in the mirror.We recognize that the

kids in our lives go to a special threat at the hands of a drunk driver. Of the kids under age 14 who were eliminated in auto accident in 2013, 17% passed away in alcohol-impaired accidents– That’s 200 lives. If you take a look at 200 misfortunes, 61% of the vehicle drivers had blood alcohol degrees (BAC) greater than.08%, the legal limit in many states. Additionally, drunk vehicle drivers are much more careless regarding properly limiting their kids. According to a research study in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, child guest restraint usage reduces as the driver’s blood alcohol degree increases.Before you leave for your next vacation celebration, take a look at the “Male in the Mirror” video. It only runs 30 seconds. You additionally may see it as a sneak peek to “Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens” at a Regal theater. Regal collaborated on this project with NHTSA, MADD and others.

Watch the various other versions of this PSA as well as more from the NHTSA

In his “Fastlane” blog site concerning the ad campaign, NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind remembered that in Star Wars, the evil Emperor Palpatine tempts young Anakin to the Dark Side by guaranteeing the trick to cheat death. But, Dr. Rosekind observed, in real life nobody gets a 2nd chance. The mirror shows us as we really are.Don’t get in the dark side of dwi. Drive Sober or Obtain Drawn Over.Dr.

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