I told you I would certainly be giving you extra factors to justify acquiring that huge collection of cookie cutters!

Utilize the cookie cutters as a template to map a shape onto the back side of sand paper. Experiment with a variety of grits as the various grits provide different structures in the massagings. Eliminate the wanted shape. (While I wouldn’t always utilize your favored set, I have heard that cutting sandpaper might in fact hone your scissors!) Firmly adhesive the form onto an index card. Location the index cards out with your art trays, paper, and also crayons. The kids can select the shapes they desire, put the paper on the top, and also rub with the pastels to move the picture onto their papers. The children can place a number of design templates under one paper to develop their preferred scene.

In addition to validating your cookie cutter collection acquisition, this task fosters creative growth and also builds fine motor skills, however since it needs less precise job than several art tasks, it is more attractive to those kids that are commonly “art averse”.

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