A Behavior Problem-Solving Strategy: Positive Guidance for Preschoolers

Preschool kids often confuse us with their actions. They’re playing and giggling one minute, and also crying “for no reason” the next. We inquire not to jab their baby brother’s eyes, and also they look right at us, with angelic faces, and also do it anyway. What is taking place? It can be a confusing, maddening procedure to attempt to address that inquiry! I’m going to be including a collection of posts, linked from right here too, in an initiative to offer you a couple of even more tools for observing, recognizing, and also approaching youngster habits utilizing the positive guidance approach and techniques. Here’s what you have to anticipate:

What declares Support?

What’s Going On? Considering the Resources of Habits

Preventative Activities and Favorable Responses

Favorable Advice: A Well-Stocked Toolbox

Problem-Solving Your Playtime

Positive Guidance Resources

Now, anytime I speak about child behavior, I have to provide the please note that I am not an excellent moms and dad or a perfect educator. I do not have a Mary Poppins-like ability to magically transform kids into immediately compliant angels. I wish you don’t discover what I have to share much less legitimate because my children do, as a matter of fact, seem to “weep for no factor” once in a while or periodically “jab their baby bro’s eyes”. However I have learned a great deal regarding child habits, how we can recognize it and also just how we can approach it, that assists me in my residence and also in the class as well as I ‘d like to share that with you! Please remain tuned for even more posts!

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