Classic Playdough is a staple of childhood! Not only is it fun and creative, but working that dough builds fine motor strength and control. These skills are just as critical to developing young writers  as is learning the ABCs.  Pushing objects into playdough creates a new type of sculpture and also presents a new challenge to children as it requires them to use the pincer grasp and push at the same time  (a skill similar to writing with a pencil).  I’ve found that preschoolers love to scatter their creations withtoothpicks, pipecleaners, googley-eyes, feathers and beads.   Recently, we experimented with a new kind of “push-in”.  I gathered accessories from a “Cooties” game as well as our Mr. Potato Head.  The kiddos had a great time coming up with all kinds of creatures.   (It appears I have a budding Picasso on my hands with that face arrangement!)


 Find the Classic Playdough recipe here!

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