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Here’s an easy video game that children enjoy to play! With a group of youngsters in a large location, have one youngster stand, a minimum of 10-20 feet back, dealing with the other kids as they stand versus a wall surface, fencing, or various other item that can serve as the “safe area”. The kids standing against the wall chant, “Dinosaur, dinosaur, what time is it?” The “dinosaur” replies with any type of “o’clock” time. The time works as the number of steps forward the youngsters take. So, if the “dinosaur” says, “5 o’clock”, the kids take 5 advances. The children continue in this pattern till the “dinosaur” states, “Lunchtime!” At that point, the kids run back to the risk-free area with the “dinosaur” chasing after them. If the “dinosaur” touches one of the kids, that child ends up being the following “dinosaur”. (Strengthen to the children, that they just need to touch the kid they catch, not press or tackle.)

Besides being a great deal of fun, this game promotes wellness and physical growth as the children run. Math skills are strengthened as the children understand that time is maintained between 1 and 12 o’clock (you might wish to have a clock helpful to show them the numbers), and also as they count their steps, using a one-to-one proportion. Social abilities are supported as the kids take turns, follow guidelines to an easy game, as well as interact with a team. This game can be adjusted to satisfy other animal styles as the “Dinosaur” part of the chant can be altered to an additional predator type pet, such as “Alligator”, “Grizzly Bear”, or “Papa/Mama Shark”.

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