Building a Bilingual Home– Visitor Message at Modern Familia

Angélica at Modern Familia asked me to write a visitor article focusing on the language growth of bilingual youngsters. Move on over there to check out extra on this subject!

Here’s just a taste:

I remember my first summertime operating at a migrant college as well as seeing in awe as a tiny 3 year-old girl sat in between two friends, happily continuing one discussion in best English, as well as another in best Spanish, her glossy dark ponytail turning as she turned her head from one side to the other. I had actually probably taken Spanish classes for about as lengthy as she had actually been alive, however recognized she had already achieved an objective I am still far from reaching! Raising your kid with the capacity to speak two languages is an outstanding gift. Here is some info that may aid you as you start this terrific task.

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