Every Quarter Counts: Why Two Brothers Shared Their Lego Money

My 2 young boys like quarters. We do not provide an allowance yet, however, for the previous few years we have made use of quarters as an incentive for doing points around your house like feeding the dog, picking up toys as well as clearing the dishwasher. My partner, Lauren, even pays them a quarter if they fart on me. It goes without saying, Stephen, 6, and also Thomas, 4, love these quarters, they conserve these quarters as well as they just spend them on the ultimate reward – Legos.I lately told Stephen and Thomas that their cousin, John, and also his fiancé, Sara, were remaining with us this weekend since they are running the Marine Corps Marathon and also 10K. As usual, a simple statement brought about a marathon of Q as well as A’s:

Why aren’t you running?I reach enjoy you guys.Why can’t we go?Running baby strollers are not allowed.Is it a race?Yes.Are they going to win?No.Then why are they running?To raise money.For what?I thought for a second.

“It’s quite straightforward,

“I told them.”You individuals have bike headgears

and child seat. We taught you exactly how to swim, and also you recognize what to do if you hear the smoke

alarm. Not all children do. We intend to protect all youngsters just like you.” Like most points I say, I was

quite sure they stopped listening. Specifically given that when I was done, they simply strolled off.

But a few minutes later Stephen returned with his piggy bank and also Thomas with his coin purse. They each provided me a handful of quarters.”Will this help?” Thomas asked.I smiled and informed them,” Every quarter matters. “You can make your quarters count too.Click right here to support Group Safe Kids.This blog was created by Dan Orzechowski.

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