Children are natural scientists.  “What is that?”  “What’s this do?”  “Why does that happen?” 

Capitalizing on this curiosity is where the greatest learning takes place.  Finding the opportunity to explore things kids are genuinely interested in creates deeper connections, and with nature happening all around them, it shouldn’t take long to find such an opportunity.

I was reading this week about Quirky Mama’s rotting pumpkin activity.  What a fun science experience!  I loved how she and her son spent time making thoughtful observations, predicting changes, and recording their findings.  Core science practices, executed in completely meaningful ways.

I thought this would be a wonderful experience anyone could carry out in (or perhaps just outside of) their homes and schools.

Then I thought, what about taking a science experience and turning it into a science experiement?  You know, with a control and a variable or two.  So I caught this pin on Pinterest from HGTV, claiming that treating your Jack-o-lantern with  Bleach Water or Petroleum Jelly helps keep the rotting at bay.  I thought it could be fun to add to Quirky Mama’s experience and observe not just the natural rotting process (though fascinating all on its own) but also compare it to a few test variables. 

We just might have to try it out.  How about you?

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