I have a friend who has made a tradition of giving books to her youngsters on Valentine’s Day. (No, she’s not the one named Stinky Face.) She searches for some type of love themed publication to give to each of her youngsters. I enjoy this suggestion, and as I thought about my favored love themed children’s book, especially from the viewpoint of a mommy, my hands-down favorite is ” I Love You Stinky Face” by Lisa McCourt.

This is a fantastic tale concerning a kid who keeps asking his mom “suppose” concerns to test how much she actually loves him. Concerns like, “What happens if I were an alligator with huge, sharp teeth?” or “Suppose I were a green alien from Mars and also I ate pests instead of peanut butter?” Of course the mother solutions in best, funny, unconditionally loving fashion

Some “I love you books” overdose on sentiment as well as wind up as detailed greeting cards that c0uld only truly attract grownups. Not this one! It is both tender and also silly, and I just enjoy it! Even more significantly, my boys do as well. And do not consider it only as a book for family members story time. I review this to my course when I taught initial grade, and it rapidly became a top-requested read-aloud!

So whether you’re trying to find a caring book for Valentine’s Day, or simply a fun read, do not pass this up! (And as a benefit, it’s currently in some of the Februrary Scholastic book orders! That doesn’t like a deal?)

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