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Want a fun little tune that obtains the shakes out while implementing phonemic understanding skills? I assumed you could be, so here it is!

It’s a very simple song, but kids enjoy it! To the song of “Shortnin’ Bread”:

” We go wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle”

” We go wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle, STOP!”

As the kids sing “shake waggle” they shake their bodies, however on STOP, they ice up. Next off, have them specify one part of their bodies to wiggle. Say, their heads. This time around, rather than wiggle waggle, use the same beginning audio, in the case of heads, higgle haggle.

” Heads go higgle haggle, higgle haggle, higgle bargain,

Heads go higgle haggle, higgle haggle, STOP!”

Proceed with other components of the body, and ask the kids before you begin, what you will state in the location of “shake waggle”. They will swiftly get the pattern.

Bellies go biggle baggle,

Noses go niggle naggle,

Legs go liggle laggle

An individual fave:

Tongues go tiggle taggle (It’s always fun to sing with your tongue protruding!)

For words that start with a vowel audio, just leave out the start consonant sound (w) of wiggle waggle:

Arms go iggle aggle, and so on

. Besides being silly as well as enjoyable, this is a wonderful phonemic understanding exercise. Transforming the starting sounds is called phoneme substitution, and also is a skill that establishes as kids end up being a lot more familiar with the noises in words as well as more able to adjust them. Every one of these skills assist in preparing children to review. In addition, this is a wonderful transition track due to the fact that it has plenty of activity and also offers children an opportunity to be energetic, assisting them to focus later. It also imposes a recognition of the names of body components in addition to the regulated motion of them.

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