I’m over at Childhood 101 today with some fun ideas for making felt food.  Maybe it will give you a few ideas for some Christmas surprises!  Here’s a taste:

Image: Shelley Inspired

My children love to play with their food.  That is, they love to play with toy food.  We have a small set of inexpensive plastic food, but lately I’ve felt like it’s time to expand the menu.  In my search for new cuisine, I’ve decided that making some felt pieces might be a great route to take.  Felt food pieces offer a different sensory experience than the typical plastic pieces.  They can be both realistic and charming.  Avoiding paints and other aspects of manufacturing can also contribute to the piece’s safety.

I began scanning the internet for a few ideas and was bowled over by inspiration!  I thought I’d share a bit with you as well.

On the Fiskars website (incidentally, my go-to brand for sewing scissors), I found instructions for this hearty breakfast, as well as for pizza and pasta, all of which look simple enough for my basic sewing skills, and good enough to eat (or at least pretend to)!  (Image: Fiskars)

Get more ideas from the full post over at Childhood 101.



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