Hello,all cubes are Magnetic Version with magnets

Yongjun MGC V1 3x3x3 cube (with magnets)

Yongjun MGC V2 3x3x3 cube (with magnets)

Yongjun MGC3 Elite 3x3x3 cube (with magnets)

Yongjun MGC 2x2x2 cube (with magnets)

Yongjun MGC Wumofang cube (with magnets)

when you order,please choose them Clearly!

thank you so much!

YJ MGC V1 V2 3x3x3 MGC 2x2x2 MGC Wumofang Magnetic Cube

all cubes are Magnetic Version

Product Name : YJ MGC V2 3x3x3 Cube (Magnetic Version)

Color : black,stickerless

Weight : 200g

Cube Dimension : 55.5mm*55.5mm*55.5mm

Ps. Will comes in assembled , stickered and well-lubricated and in a paper box.

Product Name : YJ MGC 2x2x2 Magnetic Cube (Magnetic Version)

Color : stickerless,black

Cube Dimension : 50mm*50mm*50mm

Ps. Will comes in assembled , stickered and well-lubricated and in a paper box

Product Name : YJ MGC V1 3x3x3 Cube (Magnetic Version)

Color : black,white

Weight : 198g

Cube Dimension : 55.5mm*55.5mm*55.5mm

Ps. Will comes in assembled , stickered and well-lubricated and in a paper box.

Product Name : Yongjun YJ MGC3 Elite M 3x3x3 Cube (Magnetic Version)

Color : black,stickerless

Cube Net Weight : 84g

Cube Dimension : 55.5mm*55.5mm*55.5mm

Ps. Will comes in assembled , stickered and well-lubricated and in a paper box.

Additional information

Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 9 cm
Brand Name




Recommend Age

7-12y, 12+y







Model Number

Yongjun MGC 3x3x3 Magnetic Cube

Order Number



Puzzle Cube


black, stickerless

fantasia infantil

Magnetic cube

cube maze

lube cube

kids toys

Magic Cube Puzzle


3x3x3 Cube

neo cube

Magico cubo

cubos magicos

world puzzle


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Yongjun MGC V2 3x3x3 Magnetic Cube


Yongjun MGC V1 3x3x3 Magnetic Cube


Yongjun MGC3 Elite 3x3x3 Magnetic Cube


Yongjun MGC 2x2x2 Magnetic Cube


Yongjun MGC Wumofang Magnetic Cube

Type 6

Like Gan 356 Air


magico cubo


magic cube


speed cube

38 reviews for Yj Mgc 2 Cubo Magico V2 3x3x3 Elite Cubing Speed GAN 356 Air Professional Magic Cube Magnetic Puzzle

  1. N***v

    With a box dry and not configured, well in the car, if there are hands and grease-cube gun

  2. A***v

    The Cube came to Kazan in 15 days, which is pretty fast. Came in a cardboard box. Slightly looked at the edges of the original packaging, so if you want to take a gift, then ask to pack better.
    The cube itself is good. Cutting angles ~ 50 °. Magnets are not very much felt if the cube is rigid. But if you gradually loosen the springs, then the magnets begin to feel stronger. The cube is fast, but I lack control. Fixed the lack of thick lubricant. By the way, the cube was originally lubricated, but it is not clear what, so I had to clean it first and lubricate it myself.
    For some reason, there were the wrong springs in the cube. The complete set should be yellow, white and blue springs. But I had 2 pairs of yellow ones. It’s not critical, because I still put blue (the toughest), but the unpleasant siege remained.
    In general, I liked the cube, I recommend to buy.

  3. m***m

    Pretty good the bucket, I bought it in 11.11 and it came to me in a few days, the cube is good and it is noted that there is quality. Recommended

  4. C***o

    Very good bucket with many interchangeable accessories. A detail I had that the tension system that came with the factory bucket is white and I blue adjustments came, which are different and the same ones that come as extra, but it doesn’t affect me. Recommended

  5. Babbyone Shopper

    A beautiful cube. in the kit there is a stand and several replaceable springs of different rigidity. I got there very quickly! Packed All is well.

  6. D***d

    On November 9 I ordered arrived on December 1. Mognites strong seller special thanks. And the stand was present

  7. Babbyone Shopper

    The order came quickly, without delays. I received that I ordered-2 cubes, although it was listed in the invoice there was one product, I was very worried about this. Everything is fine! Thank u!

  8. G***e

    Received within the prescribed period
    Very good quality, easy to adjust. Everyone can find the feeling they appreciate. The plastic is solid and will last a long time!
    Absolutely no/zero spring noise as we can hear from other manufacturers
    I’m super happy

  9. S***D

  10. I***a

    It came quickly. Spinning gently. Everyone’s happy.

  11. v***v

    Nice one

  12. Babbyone Shopper

    Pleasant and beautiful cube, packed well. Special thanks for the stand

  13. Babbyone Shopper

    All right, it’s a great product. I ‘ve tried it and it works perfectly, as it has to be, I thought I wasn’t going to give the size for the price they have, but yeah, the given, as I said before, is a product that can be acquired smoothly. Thanks to the company, shop and distributor of this product. Everything OK.

  14. E***v

    The Cube came to Uman in 2 weeks, did not communicate with the seller (there was no need). On all reviews from the packing cube goes with white spring nuts, and here with blue, also additional blue in the box. Thank you for the gift-stand.

  15. A***p

  16. D***a

  17. g***r

    good item, good seller, thanks!!!!!! ++++++

  18. Babbyone Shopper


  19. Babbyone Shopper

    Product as described. Fast shipping and delivery. Good packaging to prevent any possible damage. Thank you.

  20. Babbyone Shopper

  21. p***p

    Very good magic cube on magnets with replaceable springs for lighter rotation and vice versa. I recommend, I come quickly order a second for every spare parts, now I’m happy with the purchase =)))))

  22. i***i

    Кубик четкий, ребенку понравился, а он в них разбирается. Доставка в Иркутск быстрая.

  23. M***a

  24. S***M

    Excellent. Great item, quality very good price.

  25. A***k

    The product corresponds to the description of super fast delivery to the seller Thank you, the seller as a gift put the stand, trivia but nice

  26. a***s

    Super fast shipping

  27. P***o

    All ok, thanks

  28. E***v

    I order the second time, the Cube comes in 2 weeks. Of the pluses-the quality of the goods at altitude, of the minuses-the kit does not correspond to all reviews for this cube (there are no 3 types of color nuts,,,

  29. A***v

  30. S***e

    Norms cube, the man for which he bought liked

  31. V***v

  32. R***g

  33. I***k

  34. Babbyone Shopper

    Excellent seller. Good product. Fast shipping and well packaged

  35. v***v

    The cube is good, even lubricated a little, but in the kit there are no white springs, and so all the norms, even the stand was put. Ooooooo soft, and magnets are felt. In the factory setting a little tugovat. In general, I recommend to all lovers of speedkubing. By the way, Stavropol reached 19 days.

  36. E***v

    This is the 3rd cube from this seller. 15 days to Ukraine.

  37. B***o

    The cube is the crack! He arrived in 16 days in my village

  38. J***l

    All right! Fast shipping. The cube goes perfect, soft twist and soft magnets too. It has a good chance of tension adjustment and will certainly not disappoint. Thank you!

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