Moyu Meilong M magnetic 2x2x2 3x3x3 4x4x4 5x5x5

The injection port is hidden to reduce jamming, and the hidden injection port reduces friction. Axial positioning column prevents the Rubik’s cube from locking, matte appearance, delicate touch, effectively reduce scratches, and last longer. Double anti-flying, very stable, lightweight processing, light and good feel, hollow design, reduce weight. Smooth and smooth feel, stable positioning system. The Rubik’s Cube can exercise eyesight and observation, and the flexibility of both hands. Rubik’s Cube is time consuming, so it can train your patience. When playing Rubik’s Cube, you need to memorize something, which can exercise your memory and cultivate your thinking ability. Attention is highly helpful for improving memory, and long-term exercise can improve your reaction speed. Moyu Meilong M 2x2x2 magic cube. Size: 5*5*5cm Weight: 84.8g Color: stickerless Package: 1 cube ,1 tutorial and 1 free cube base holder. Moyu Meilong M 3x3x3 magic cube. Size: 5.55*5.55*5.55cm Weight:97g Color: stickerless Package: 1 cube ,1 tutorial and 1 free cube base holder. Moyu Meilong M 4x4x4 magic cube. Size: 5.9*5.9*5.9cm Weight: 133g Color: stickerless Package: 1 cube,1 tutorial and 1 free cube base holder. Moyu Meilong M 5x5x5 magic cube. Size: 6*6*6cm Weight: 132g Color: stickerless Package: 1 cube,1 tutorial and 1 free cube base holder.

Additional information

Weight 0,210 kg
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm








Model Number

Moyu Meilong M cube

Age Range

12-15 Years, 5-7 Years, > 8 years old, > 6 years old, Grownups, 8-11 Years

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30 reviews for Newest Moyu Meilong M magnetic 2x2x2 3x3x3 4x4x4 5x5x5 speed magic cube magnet puzzle 2×2 3×3 cubo magico 4×4 5×5 M kids gift

  1. g***r

    Super good product. And thanks for the extra stand

  2. Babbyone Shopper

    Great cubes for beginners or want to buy a full set and not want to spend very. Unfortunately took too long to get to my home, approximately two and a half months, besides the communication with the seller is not the best. General worth.

  3. C***a

    Great product, the seller is very attentive and respond to messages fast, even in the middle of pandemia order arrived in only 14 days!!!
    As the product, the cubes are original and good quality!!

  4. G***a

    I recommend from the whole heart of the seller. Exclusive fast delivery. I am very fast, Teper will train.

  5. f***r

    3 cubes arrived in valledupar, cesar, Colombia. They are soft, good material, bring your tool, base and come very well packed. The 3×3 is the same size as the cuboruck. Good quality. They’re not magnetic.

  6. Babbyone Shopper

    Very Happy with my order, seller is a quick responder and really spends time on answering questions. 10/10 would order again, already ordered again 🙂

  7. A***A


  8. Babbyone Shopper

    SUPER!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend! Great quality and super fast delivery!

  9. V***v

    Ordered a cube on 23.11.2020, and 26.12.2020 Courier DPD brought it home. For the whole month-normal. Everything went from China. Track tracked. Good seller of similar goods on Babbyone. Price and quality correspond. Everything fully corresponds to the description. The packing is sufficient, everything was carried whole. Another seller put a small gift-an additional stand. Good packaging of Rubik himself, you can give, looks great. In general, I advise, you can take it. Well, for now, bye!!!

  10. C***r

    2×2 is okay, not bad, just fine. 3×3 is great after loosening and lubing. 5×5 is just bad.

  11. m***V

    Super!!! Within a week already inside

  12. E***e

    Product is exactly as described. Excellent quality. Each cube comes with a base in the box and the seller sent over toast, original cube and each with a tuning key included. Great seller. Super recommend. Shipped very quickly, and arrived in Brazil, in my home in 15 days. No charge customs or post office.

  13. D***v

    Had a really fast delivery with this one, the magnetic aspect of the cubes change the whole feel of speed cubing fo a person like me (who never touched a cube like this before), would recommend for any speed cuber to upgrade to a magnetic set because it makes the solving so much more pleasant, I’m not a pro speed cuber, not even close, but I can definitely see it taking of a few seconds even from my fastest solve thus far just because of the better mechanism

  14. A***v

    He came quickly. Everything is intact. Great cube. Out of the box is absolutely dry-you need to lubricate

  15. Babbyone Shopper

    Excellent, 20 days delivery to Brazil. Contrast color is very good

  16. A***r

    Fast shipping. Thank you to the seller for additional stands.

  17. M***a

    The delivery was quite a nightmare – took far over two months and the parcel was not in the best condition either (wet and deformed) but – these cubes are just great.
    Seriously – they turn smoothly, the magnets are of a proper strength and I really like the new shades of them – for me, they look far better than the nonmagnetic ones (which I always liked).
    The corner-cutting might be better (the non-magnetic ones cut them better in my opinion), but if you are searching for cubes to start your cubbing fun with – this is the best solution in terms of cost/value and a really good one in terms of quality alone as well.

  18. Babbyone Shopper

    Кубик хороший, крутится отлично. В коробке шла ещё и отвертка, очень удобно, спасибо.
    Доставка как по мне быстрая, две недели

  19. N***a

    All is well
    Delivery to Yakutia 33 days
    Of which 15 failed in 630970

  20. B***a

    Otimos buckets

  21. N***s

    Excellent quality and the magnets make de moves more simple. I am satisfy with my purchase. I recommend it.

  22. A***r


  23. S***r

    Excellent just lubricate it and 10:10

  24. A***o

    The product corresponds to the description. Seller recommend. Came to Ukraine “New Mail”. Delivery is very fast

  25. Babbyone Shopper

    Good quality and price thank you seller

  26. L***G

    Super fast and super quality, thanks

  27. Babbyone Shopper

    <2en> product as mentioned. <2en> good quality and sturdy. <2en> fast and clean delivery.

  28. D***d

    Works very well, a little mineral oil and it will be perfect. The box was crushed but everything was in good condition inside, live the bubble paper.

  29. A***n

    5 out of 5 by description, delivery!

  30. Babbyone Shopper

    The cube runs smoothly and has snapping

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