What is your favorite blogging activity?

<!– What is your favorite blogging activity?

We asked that question to one student in particular.


Remember our Dual Language Blogging Podcast? Featured here is some additional audio from that amazing conversation between student and teacher dual language blogging experts. Here, they’re taking a deeper dive into the pair’s favorite blogging activities. Kidblog Ambassador Marina Rodriguez and her former student (and Kidblog contest winner) Josefina revisit specific lesson activities and the effectiveness of blogging on learning, with an emphasis on the power of commenting and tackling reading writing in dual languages. Timestamps recorded below:



Marina Introduction: 0:54

Josefina Introduction: 1:31

Josefina’s Favorite Project – El Color De Mis Palabras: 2:46

A love-hate thing – growing through commenting: 4:54

“…a sensational feeling…” How did commenting, and in a second language, affect the experience: 6:50

“Would it have had the same effect – to have the conversation in the classroom”… “No”: 8:35

Marina recaps her favorite poetry activity and discusses it with Josefina: 10:17

How you can get started with blogging – 12:28


You can catch up with Marina on Twitter @mrodz308 or on her blog.

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