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A variety of different pattern curves can also be drawn by using the combined drawing method. If you paint with a different color pen set, you can make the pattern look colorful!
An interesting intellectual toy, can effectively help primary and secondary school students improve their ability to start, write, and brain, cultivate aesthetic taste, develop intelligence, and have a lot of fun.
The rectangular large ruler has several jagged edge holes, and the gear-shaped small ruler is placed in the hole, and then the pen is inserted into the hole in the small ruler, and the large ruler is rotated along the serration of the large ruler to draw multiple Beautiful patterns with ovals overlapping.
Although the tens of thousands of flowers are childhood toys, the patterns drawn are not simple at all! Like complex mathematical graphics.
If necessary, change one more. Two or more gears are drawn on the original image or moved in parallel in one direction. Can draw thousands of different patterns.

Color: Multicolor
Material: plastic

How to play:
1. Hold the ruler with your left hand and fix it on the paper.

2. Select any external gear, put it into the inner tooth plate to make it mesh, and can’t disengage and jump the tooth; hold the ballpoint pen in the right hand and insert the pen perpendicular to the paper surface and turn it in a certain direction to draw a beautiful curve pattern.

3. Single hole drawing: that is, using a different drawing of a hole to achieve different effects.
(1) Draw the end: that is, until the last repetition (the end point is connected).
(2) Shifting method: that is, draw a certain number of turns to stop the pen, and continue to draw after shifting one tooth or several teeth according to the pattern.

4. Porous combination painting:
(1) The combination method of the hole and the hole on the same external gear: firstly, two or more holes on one external gear are used for painting.
(2) Combination drawing of different external gear holes and holes: first draw a certain pattern with one hole or two holes on one external gear, and then replace it with another gear or more than two according to need. The gears are successively redrawed on the original picture to form a more complicated pattern. Note: When changing gears, do not let the internal gear move.

Package included:
2 * Ring gear
15 * Wheel gear
4 * Shaped wheel gear
1 * Gear bar
3 * Color pen
1 * Viscose
1 * Instructions

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement.

Packing list

2 * Ring gear
15 * Wheel gear
4 * Shaped wheel gear
1 * Gear bar
3 * Color pen
1 * Viscose
1 * Instructions

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Painting toys






Drawing Toys Set

Age Range

> 3 years old


Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook


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