DIY Manual Splicing Model Of 3D Children’s Wooden Mechanical Transmission


  • Scale
    model car: its inspiration comes from the development and extension of
    vehicles in real life. The characteristic vehicles of this era are
    copied into small-scale models with detailed structures.

  • No
    glue: unique mechanical 3D mosaic, cutting plywood, no irritation,
    environmental protection, the original high latitude Tilia from Roth,
    excellent environmental protection, wear resistance and corrosion
    resistance, not easy to crack. All the pieces were pre cut and there was
    no glue needed. The interlock mechanism is quite ingenious.

  • It’s
    very playable: making this mechanical model toy requires not only heart
    but also patience. Feel the pride of assembling the whole IQ toy with
    your own hands.

  • Creative
    talent: it is a great sense of accomplishment to see the mechanical
    miracle created by oneself. It’s best to give your boyfriend,
    girlfriend, husband, wife’s holiday gift lover. It looks cool, and it’s a
    great challenge for both adults and children.

  • Perfect
    decoration: 3D wood puzzle has decorative design, the finished product
    looks very attractive. It’s a challenge for eyes and hands, and a
    perfect display of fashion collection!

Package Content:

  • A set of puzzles

Additional information





Age Range

5-7 Years, > 8 years old



Puzzle Style



Geometric Shape



Model Number

Wooden mechanical train model puzzle

A set of 3D puzzles

brain game

Parent-child toys

Home decoration

Environmental protection, wear-resistant

Small model

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  1. f***o

  2. Babbyone Shopper

  3. O***a

    Mega-quickly, thanks, the machine is interesting,
    Small, friend satisfied!!!

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  6. K***v

    22.01.21 ordered, received 10.01.21, protective packaging zero, only a bag, no damage. Although sending and not instant but total I think it came quickly.

  7. J***z

    The description of the item is equal to that described by the seller. The order arrived quite early. Good seller, I recommend.

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  10. O***y

    I am very satisfied

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    Top we zijn er blij mee

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    Super model, nice to build, much time einplanen and patience bring. 369 parts!

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    perfect item, very recommend

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    Great model!

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  39. n***n

    It arrived promptly and looked fine. However I need to state that parts are very small and break easily. You need to apply force in order to connect some of them and you need to be gentle while doing it otherwise it will break. I was unable to use benches under seats as I was afraid to break the frame. Instructions were very detailed but I would recommend changing sequence as it is sometimes easier to assemble in different order. Adding parts before you connect two big things together is easier than adding them to one big thing. Less chances to break smth then.

  40. g***s

  41. S***l

  42. J***d

    use the sandpaper, or be prepared to superglue some parts, I broke a couple of pieces. BUT it is a perfect 3d puzzle. And totally worth the money

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