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Paper making is a matter of patience. If you have no patience, please give up. But when you finish this thing, it will be happy because it is like a piece of art.

1.Material: white cardboard
2.Scale: 1:1 Scale
3. Need Tools: Knife, ruler, glue,and many more.
4. It can exercise hands-on ability, imagination, but also improve memory, graphics perception and observation.
5. Good combination of fun and learning, mobilizes enthusiasm and improve practical ability.
6.The difficulty level is 4 stars (the most difficult is 6 stars)
7.Finished product size:73CM (1:1 Scale)

Package List:
1 * DIY paper model (Including paper English manual) (A4 white cardboard )

1.what you receive is not finished product, it need you to cut, paste and assemble.
2.This paper model is difficult to make, so novices should be careful
3.The drawings are very fine, only recommended for old players with more experience in making paper models

WARNING : It is made of paper and will not actually shoot, just for display purposes. Please be advised, it may built with paper but it surely look like a REAL weapon, please do not use it other than display purposes, such as carry it around on public places.

Guide to build :Basic steps to make Paper Models.

1) Cut out each part roughly.

2) Use a pencil to mark note softly behind each part to avoid disorder (Don’t use a pen as it probably makes damaged trace on the front side).

3) Use Scissor or Craft Knife to cut parts precisely by following the outer edge. The level of precision affects the effect of combination. (Cut the most outer edge if the line is thick).

4) Smear white adhesive cement on one of the 2 parts which needed to be stuck together.

5) Stick them together until the cement bone-dry.

Suggested TIPS :

A. For Scissor cutting, suggest not to push the Scissor but pull the paper.

B. To make the fold of parts better, please put the part firmly on the table, and put the ruler on that to fold the line. If you have to fold inside, you could first fold it softly outside to make the trace, and fold it back to inside then.

C. To make the curved parts better, place the part on the corner of table then push and pull it back and forth.

D. To make parts like cylinder, use tools such as pen to assist to make the curl more natural.

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Age Range

>14Y, Grownups


Animals & Nature, Transportation, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Occupations, Sports, Music




3C, CE, UL




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