Kidblog Spotlight On: Kelly Walton

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Grade 6 teacher, Kelly Walton, empowers students to take action through the power of writing. She has been blogging with Kidblog for three years and is still surprised by her students daily. Blogging has changed her teaching practice and engaged students to transform the learning in the classroom, including the teacher.

What motivated you to start blogging with your students?

KW: “Blogging empowers students to believe they can take action through the power of writing. Students can collaborate, share ideas and write about what matters to them, giving them a real voice. Plus, their peers can comment back and learn together. Students learn digital citizenship in a real, authentic way! It can differentiate, for all students no matter what their challenges are. All students can be successful and empowered. Blogging has changed my teaching practice and can engage students to transform the learning for all students, including the teacher.”

What has been the biggest surprise to you throughout your classroom blogging journey?

KW: “The biggest surprise is always around the next corner. Students will consistently initiate a blog post and will piggyback off an idea from our lessons or current event. Then they have a question and ask if they can investigate and share on the blog. The best is when they ask, “Can I make a blog post on that?” The biggest surprise is the blog keeps engaging the students over a sustained period of time.”

Do you have a favorite blogging ‘moment’?

KW: “My favourite moment repeats itself often. The student that is not engaged in writing tasks, but will ask, “Can I write a blog post on?” Again it is the best feeling that the blog is engaging a student that would likely not be engaged writing. But because it is media that has a true audience, the student can’t wait to begin to share their writing with the world.”

What is your favorite Kidblog feature?

KW: “Blogging for the quiet student. This is so true and it reminded me of the importance that blogging gives all students in the class a voice.”

What are some of your goals and aspirations as you continue to blog with your classes year-over-year?

KW: “The goal is for students to be producers of the images and video or their creations in their posts. The goal is to be producers not just consumers of the blog.”


Connect with Kelly on Twitter @waltonsclass

Check out Kelly’s students’ work here.

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