Kidblog opens the door for Hilliard City Schools students

<!– Kidblog opens the door for Hilliard City Schools students

Hilliard City School District established an Admin Pro membership with Kidblog in 2015. Since then, their teachers and students have created over 42,000 posts and 100,000 comments. Each year, a growing number of teachers are interested in publishing student work with Kidblog and request access to the platform.

Cathy Mere is an Elementary Literacy Instructional Leader with Hilliard. She has successfully used Kidblog in her various classrooms for eight years. Once Cathy realized that a number of other teachers in her school were using Kidblog under individual teacher memberships, it became apparent that a district-wide membership made sense.

Her favorite features? “The ability to adjust audience levels, and sharing tools… also, the ability to moderate posts and comments has been so helpful. I also love how we can connect classes.”

Mark Pohlman, Director of Instructional Technology at Hilliard, agrees. “Absolutely with the moderation tools – especially on the project side.”

Mark and Cathy are both administrators of their Kidblog Admin Pro organization. Since launching Kidblog district-wide, they have integrated several projects in which Kidblog is the central publishing tool. Most recently, they have started a K-12 project in collaboration with Columbus State University.

Hilliard’s 3rd and 4th grade teachers partner with a GenE course professor and pair students on a reading assignment. “Sometimes it will be a whole class, and sometimes our 4th-grade teacher will just pick the 15 students that need some more motivation or engagement.”

The students (Hilliard and Columbus State) will trade posting and commenting each week on the same reading assignment, usually a couple chapters of a book. The professor always has the ability to moderate what students are saying before Hilliard students see it, and vice versa.

Hilliard also uses Kidblog to connect with other schools and classes during the March Slice of Life Challenge.


“Kidblog offers a chance to give students a voice and choice for the “interest” piece…same for mindset and academics actually…ELA and beyond.”


Mark and Cathy have come to realize that Kidblog can be utilized in any curricular area. “It presents students with an opportunity to show what students bring from their perspective. It really opens the door.” 

Every year, Hilliard learns something new about what Kidblog can offer. “We’re still on that journey to success with learning and teaching as well,” Mark and Cathy shared. In 2019, they chose to expand with district-wide rostering, noting they wished they had rostered with Kidblog years ago. And, as Mark, Cathy, and Hilliard teachers continue to learn about Kidblog, they always knew they could reach out with questions. “Whenever I ran into an issue, the Kidblog support team was available and ready to help me diagnose and resolve,” Cathy remarked.


Current Kidblog members: If you’re a teacher with multiple colleagues using Kidblog in your school/district, Admin Pro is simply a better plan for you. Email to learn about benefits and volume discounts. 

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